Monday, June 14, 2010


Today is one of "those" days... I'm having a rough day. It's not easy being the mommy to an angel... you long to hear your child cry... you long to hear his voice... you long to touch his skin... you long to see his eyes...

And you have bad days.

A bad day can sneak right up on you - what you think is starting out great, can instantly turn bad. You may see his blanket. You may go into his room. You may see his bottle. On a normal day, you stop for a minute, touch the item, smile, then continue on. But on a bad day, you stop, you may get sad and cry, you may get angry, you may not be able to continue on with the day - you may get a headache, you may throw up, you may just sit crying uncontrollably.

I have a headache. I hate headaches.

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