Friday, June 11, 2010

Funky Mouth Leg-warmers...

FML... the first time i saw these 3 letters, I pondered them for about 3 seconds, then moved on - not knowing what they meant and not really caring.

I've since learned what they mean, and I'm a bit disturbed. For others like me, who don't know, fml means f*ck my life... really! I couldn't believe either - these letters are randomly thrown everywhere... "ran out of cereal this morning, fml" "ripped a hole in my jeans, fml" "can't go to the party tonite, fml" and it goes on.
What's sad is that these people, the ones who throw around these 3 letters, they have no idea. If they say fml for these trivial things, how would they react to real life? How would they react to real pain? How would they react to real loss? It makes me sad.

So, I've decided that fml will no longer mean that... it will forever mean something else, anything else... forever my love... find my legwarmers... fix my lights... found my life... it will mean anything except f*uck my life, because no matter where you are, no matter what you are going through, no matter what has happened, your life is worth more, and I wish you could see that.

Next time you see someone post "fml" come back with "funky mouth leg-warmers" :)

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